Raise the voice of liver patients


Time and again we have seen that even rare, “orphan” diseases achieve breakthrough advances when just a small number of affected people learn how to be advocates and work together as a team.

Many liver conditions are not rare and it is said that 30 million people have one or more of these diseases. Yet, our field desperately needs patient voices whenever and wherever policy decisions concerning liver research, liver treatment and liver health are being made.

That is why Global Liver Institute has created the Advanced Advocacy Academy – A3.  It’s purpose is to recruit, train and support patients and family caregivers who have experienced liver diseases and want to make the healthcare environment responsive and supportive for the many special needs of liver patients and their families.

Our first A3 training commences on November 10th and 11th in Washington, DC. We have recruited patients and caregivers from across the country – people like Mary Barnes,* a nurse from Florida who had a liver transplant seven years ago and wants to use her experience and knowledge to advocate for others.

Our trainees will be given presentations by true Washington insiders, state policy experts, medical personnel, communications professionals and other experienced patient advocates. These teachers will brief and train A3 advocates to positively  influence policy and practices affecting liver patients – whether they have fatty liver disease, hepatitis, liver cancer, cirrhosis or other liver diseases.

They will also be a part of our expanding liver advocates support group which links these volunteers to advocacy opportunities close to their home – and provides ongoing training and resources to help them.

Now we need your help to accommodate all applicants, particularly their cost for travel, lodging and even the expenses of training and meals.

Please make a generous contribution to help us accommodate as many advocates as possible.


Note: All of our faculty instructors are donating their time and travel expenses. Please match their generous contribution by joining us in supporting A3.

* Identifying information changed for confidentiality.