We value your financial support!


The Global Liver Institute is committed to the highest levels of financial stewardship and transparency. We honor the trust that our donors, individual and corporate, have placed in us with every decision we make to allocate resources for greatest strategic impact and highest leverage potential.


Individual Donors

The GLI was founded by the individual donations of patients, patient families, and physicians who treat liver patients. Donations of every size are appreciated. Major donations receive special recognition in our annual report. Unrestricted funds from individual donors are used towards staff and technology infrastructure needed to operate efficiently and effectively to help us achieve our mission.


Corporate and Foundation Donors

Best practices in nonprofit management emphasize the importance of a diversified financial base. In compliance with our corporate relations policy, GLI seeks to expand the set of stakeholders considered part of and invested in the health of liver patients and the global liver community, including corporations and foundations with brands and missions aligned with and complementary to our goals.