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Aligning Forces for Quality

November 13, 2014

Creating the Demand for Value | Speaker

ALIGN - A Summit on Increasing Value in Health Care:

"This November, the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation will host a national summit to discuss what’s working—and what’s needed—to improve health care quality and reduce costs in U.S. communities. We’ll take an in-depth look at what specific regions of the country have done to improve their local health care markets and discuss what other communities can learn from their experience."

Spurred by growing information about unwarranted variations in both the price and quality of health care, public and private sectors are pressing for a payment system that rewards value over volume. This panel will look at efforts to understand what health care actually costs by developing metrics to calculate the total cost of patient care across all providers. It will explore new strategies and tactics being used by purchasers, including the federal government’s value-based purchasing program, and the role of regional health care collaboratives in driving this change. The panel will also probe what the new emphasis on value means for patients.

Later Event: December 4
The Ruesch Center Symposium