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Personalized Medicine Conference: Preparing for the New Possible

  • Harvard Medical School Boston, MA (map)


Nov 14. 4:55 p.m.

Engaging Everyone: Leveraging Diversity and Facilitating Equitable Access to Personalized Care

Advancing a medical paradigm that focuses on the unique characteristics of each patient will require, by definition, that patients from diverse backgrounds participate in the medical studies that advance our understanding of disease. Also critical is the need to ensure that those patients have access to personalized care informed by those studies. During this session, four panelists will discuss the effort to ensure that all patient populations benefit equally from personalized medicine.

MODERATOR | Donna R. Cryer, J.D., President, CEO, Global Liver Institute

Vence L. Bonham, Jr., J.D., Senior Advisor, Director on Genomics and Health Disparities, U.S. National Human Genome Research Institute

Alex J. Carlisle, Ph.D., Chairman, CEO, National Alliance Against Disparities in Patient Health

Adolph P. Falcón, Executive Vice President, National Alliance for Hispanic Health

Edward Tepporn, Executive Vice President, Asian & Pacific Islander American Health Forum