The Global Liver Institute is a patient-driven advocacy organization that promotes innovations and collaborations that advance liver health. To stay truly patient-driven we need you, your stories, your insights, the hard-won expertise from your lived experience as a patient or caregiver dealing with liver disease.

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Donna R. Cryer, JD
President & CEO
Global Liver Institute
Liver Transplant 1994

Contribute Art

Join a community of artists dedicated to creating positive messaging around patients' and families' journey living with liver disease.

We would love to see your artwork, production, or other creative expression. Learn more about the Creative Collaborative for Liver Health.

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The LiverMatters Blog is a thoughtleader forum to advance conversations about cutting-edge liver issues. We invite you to lend your expertise and perspective.

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Wheels or Wings

Potential donors can either go to the vehicle donation website and enter "Global Liver Institute" or call 1-877-999-8322 and say they want to donate their vehicle to Global Liver Institute in Washington, DC. GLI will receive the net proceeds after car is auctioned, and the donor will receive a donation receipt.


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