HCC360 is an international patient registry and biorepository focusing on causes and outcomes for hepatocellular carcinoma. HCC360 is also a research and collaboration ecosystem that enables diverse stakeholders to integrate development and advocacy within a not-for-profit funding framework.

The primary goals for this hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC) registry are to gain a comprehensive understanding (360 degree view) of HCC, including risk factors, genetics, epidemiology, treatment cost-effectiveness and real world outcomes. The HCC360 registry initiative will also create a framework for rapid clinical trial recruitment from the highly characterized database of patients to accelerate the development of new diagnostics and treatments, and to advance optimal health delivery system design and precision / targeted medicine approaches.

HCC360 is also a framework for patient engagement, including an online peer-to-peer community which provides a social collaboration / network capability and allows patients not wishing or able to join the registry to participate at a less formal level.