January NASH News

As recognition of fatty liver disease and non-alcoholic steteohepatitis (NASH) as a true global health crisis rises the need to collect, curate, and share relevant information in a timely fashion grows as well.  The GLI NASH News is intended to meet that need and facilitate collaboration across the emerging NASH Community on a monthly basis.

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NASH NewsDonna Cryer
New Year, New Strategies for Liver Health

2017 kept many patient advocates on the defensive. We mobilized to push back on multiple attempts to raid public health and prevention funds to pay for CHIP coverage for children in working class families, refusal to cover cost-sharing provisions with payers to benefit the poor, and efforts to destabilize the Affordable Care Act.  An opioid crisis plan was presented with little funding or qualified leadership. A final insult came as the year was ending with the wholesale dismissal of all remaining members of the Presidential Advisory Committee on HIV/AIDS which included viral hepatitis activities. Yet, this is not the time to lose hope.

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Policy UpdatesDonna Cryer