Global Liver Institute/Gilead Hepatitis C Policy Data Fellowship

Are you a data scientist, epidemiologist, or health economist inspired to take on the public health crisis of this generation?

Fellowship Description

Position Title: Global Liver Institute/Gilead Hepatitis C Policy Data Fellowship

Impact: An estimated 3- 5 million people in the U.S. and 170-200 million globally are living with chronic hepatitis C. New medications are able to cure 95%+ of patients and yet few patients have access to them. Never before has a cure for a communicable disease been systematically denied patients.

This Global Liver Institute/Gilead Hepatitis C Health Policy Data Fellowship will be instrumental to strengthening the Global Liver Institute’s (GLI) ability to effectively advocate for expanded patient access and improved patient outcomes. The work of this Fellow would increase GLI’s expertise in regulatory advocacy and deepen the relationships we have with the liver advocacy community by allowing us to share deep, detailed, and innovative packaged economic, individual, and societal impact information to shape health policy in HCV. GLI would work with the Fellow to identify, develop, and disseminate economic, cost-effectiveness, and outcomes (clinical and patient reported) data to inform health policy from a more holistic, longer timeframe, and patient-centered perspective.


  • Identify information gaps in current HCV policy that impede access to  high quality care or exacerbate health disparities

  • Identify and work with open and proprietary databases (i.e. Medicare, Medicaid, private insurer, FDA, Aging, Labor)

  • Work with GLI team to creatively present data 

  • Develop articles, white papers, and presentations

Preferred Qualifications: 

  • A  minimum of a master’s degree in public health, economics, computer science, public policy, or a related field

  • Quantitative skills in epidemiology, biostatistics, and/or health economics

  • Previous research experience working with primary data

  • Strong communications skills

  • Ability to collaborate with multi-disciplinary teams

Status: One-year, Full time

Location: Washington, DC

Reports to: President/CEO

Compensation: Competitive Professional Salary; Dedicated Travel/Conference Budget

Organization Overview: The vision of the Global Liver Institute (GLI) is for liver health to take its place on the global public health agenda commensurate with its prevalence and impact. Our mission is to improve the effectiveness of the liver community by promoting innovation, collaboration, and scaling optimal approaches to eradicating liver disease. 

GLI was founded by liver patient Donna Cryer, as a diverse multi-ethnic, multi-stakeholder think-and-do tank to revitalize the definition of a patient advocacy organization. Our strategic operating framework: (1) change the culture around liver diseases, particularly Hepatitis C stigma reduction; (2) expand the number and type stakeholders engaged and invested in liver health issues, reaching into the technology, entertainment, faith, and large employer communities; and (3) redesigning health systems (clinical, regulatory, and policy) to prevent liver disease, identify disease earlier, and improve both patient experience and outcomes.  

Send cover letter and resume by August 21, 2015 to:

Donna R Cryer, JD, President & CEO

Donna Cryer