December Health Policy Update

The Times They Are A-Changing

2017 was going to be a reset after the November 8th election with new members of Congress, the anticipated retirement of long-tenured federal agency staffers, Supreme Court Justice nominations and change in White House personnel. However, the Electoral College victory of Republican Presidential candidate Donald Trump is likely to result in a wholesale upset of most every tenet of healthcare policy we have come to understand, not just in the past 8 years, but in some cases, for decades.

This Transition Edition of the LiverMatters Healthcare Policy Update will discuss the implications of:

  1. The Signing of 21st Century Cures by President Obama
  2. Repeal and Replace of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act
  3. The Trump Transition Prospective Nominees for HHS, CMS, and FDA
  4. Value, Quality, and Drug Development Opportunities for Patients and Patient Advocates to Look for in 2017 

Read more on the above topics in this issue of the policy memo.

Policy UpdatesDonna Cryer