Ready. Raise. Rise. – Learn about Immuno-Oncology and Help Support GLI

Liver Cancer patients need more treatment options.  As many of you reading this know, people diagnosed with liver cancer have only a 1 in 5 chance of survival after 5 years.  Immuno-Oncology offers an important alternative to chemotherapy, radiation and surgical treatment of cancer tumors.  It enhances the person’s own immune response to defeat tumors. 

We need your help to embrace the promise of immuno-oncology for liver cancer patients. The Global Liver Institute is one of several cancer organizations which has partnered with Bristol-Myers Squibb on a social media driven educational and support campaign called  Ready. Raise. Rise.  By going online for 5 minutes and engaging in educational and sharing activities of your choosing you can boost visibility of immuno-oncology to the liver community and by  selecting Global Liver Institute as your designated beneficiary for points generated, you can boost our chances for a contribution from the company and the possibility of having Eric Stonestreet, “Cam” from Modern Family, at one of our events.

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Donna R. Cryer
Founder, President & CEO

Donna Cryer