Global Liver Institute Sponsors First NCCN Patient Guide on Liver, Bile Duct Cancers

The National Comprehensive Cancer Network (NCCN) has published a new educational resource for patients diagnosed with liver, bile duct and gallbladder cancers. It was created from NCCN’s evidence-based and expert consensus cancer treatment recommendations for healthcare professionals. The new publication, NCCN Guidelines for Patients: Hepatobiliary Cancers, is intended to help patients better understand and participate in decisions about their care. It is sponsored by Global Liver Institute and is free online; a print copy will be available soon for a fee from

Speaking about the new educational resource for liver cancer patients, GLI President & CEO, Donna R. Cryer, JD, said, "An essential element of patient empowerment is accessible, actionable, high-quality information. Global Liver Institute is proud to work with NCCN to provide this information to support liver and bile duct cancer patients and their families in the hope that together we can make the cancer journey easier and more successful."

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Call for Liver Cancer Patients and Families to Get Involved. Share Your Insights and Story

Global Liver Institute is a patient-driven advocacy organization that promotes innovations and collaborations that advance liver health. To stay truly patient-driven we need you, your stories, your insights, including the hard-won expertise from your lived experience as a patient or caregiver dealing with liver disease. Learn more about how you can get involved and be part of the liver health sharing and advocacy community.

Advanced Advocacy Academy – GLI’s Program to Train Liver Advocates

In 2017, Global Liver Institute launched its Advanced Advocacy Academy – A3. We trained patients and caregivers from 15 states who have had one or more liver diseases including hepatitis, NASH, liver cancer, transplant, and rare diseases. They have shared challenges and lessons learned from their own advocacy initiative which include books, blogs, radio shows, nonprofit organizations, and community events and continue to receive support from GLI and each other year round through phone calls, email and webinars. Now, we are recruiting trainees for our second class, which will be held in Washington, DC at Georgetown University Law Center on September 21-22, 2018. We welcome applicants, referrals and all questions.

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Make a Donation to A3 and Expand the Number of Liver Advocates

No matter what insurance a person has, liver diseases are expensive, not only for the cost of care but also for lost income and other tolls the diseases take. That is why we try to offer each patient who enrolls in our Advanced Advocacy Academy a contribution toward their transportation and housing expenses. We also provide necessary meals during the time of the training. The program trains liver patients to be advocates and its goals are critically important to raising disease awareness and making liver services patient-centric. Your contribution makes it possible for GLI to include more patients as trainees. Please give as generously as you can.

NEW GLI Website Content Provides Information on Liver Diseases

In addition to fact sheets and an expanding glossary of liver and healthcare terms useful to patients and advocates, GLI has greatly expanded patient resources on its website.  New features include information on autoimmune liver diseases, liver cancer, lifestyle conditions, pediatric diseases, viral diseases and liver transplant. The site also contains links to other sound sources of information.