Global Liver Institute (GLI) Applauds Trump Administration for Executive Order to Improve America’s Transplant System


Global Liver Institute (GLI) Applauds Trump Administration for Executive Order to Improve America’s Transplant System

Responsiveness to Patient Advocates Truly Puts Patients First

Washington, DC – July 10, 2019 – Today the President signed an executive order and announced a series of initiatives under the title Advancing American Kidney Health; however, several provisions will benefit the 13,192 liver patients waiting for transplant. Seventeen hundred liver patients die waiting each year.

Key measures include calling for increased transparency and accountability in the performance of the nation’s 58 Organ Procurement Organizations (OPOs) and increasing and expanding the reimbursement for living donors.

GLI has been at the forefront of the effort to establish objective, meaningful, and independently verifiable metrics and performance standards for the organizations that are responsible for managing the donation of organs for transplant. The U.S. is currently ranked #5 in the world with a more than 50% lower donation rate than countries such as Spain. ( data, 2018)

“My family has been in the position of waiting for and receiving a transplant and trying to donate a loved one’s organ to save other lives,” says Donna R. Cryer, JD, President & CEO, Global Liver Institute. “The possibility of eliminating the list for all liver patients is a bipartisan issue that everyone should support.”

Recent legislation by Senator Todd Young (R-Ind.), S. 2063, also highlights the need for OPO performance metrics modernization.

The executive order’s provisions on living donation increase the income eligibility threshold and expand the number of items reimbursable to donors. In 2018, there were 401 living liver donations out of 8,874 transplants. Ensuring that potential donors don’t face the hardships of child care expenses or foregoing lost wages should increase the number of people able to donate.

Other elements included in the executive order are initiatives related to prevention, innovation, and expanded donor criteria for transplant. 


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