October is Liver Cancer Awareness Month! GLI is promoting awareness and action with a month-long media campaign using the hashtag #OctoberIs4Livers to join together advocates and experts across all social media platforms. Each week in October, GLI is focusing on a different topic: the first week delving into liver cancer basics, the second week focusing on screening and prevention, the third week focusing on patient narratives and disparities, the fourth week examining caregiver narratives and palliative care, and finally wrapping up with research and innovation.

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A Letter to California Officials: Liver Cancer Screening is Important Too

As a part of our campaign for increasing screening awareness and prevention in liver cancer, GLI has drafted a letter to California officials, regarding the State’s first annual “Cancer Screen Week.” The initiative encourages greater awareness of the need for screenings in order to achieve early intervention when cancers are most successfully treated. The assembly’s resolution highlights statistics for breast, lung, skin, cervical, and colorectal cancers, but failed to address the growing epidemic of liver cancer which is very responsive to early treatment. American Cancer Society (ACS) estimates the 5 year survival rate for liver cancer is as low as 18%. GLI asks patients, caregivers, healthcare professionals and advocates to join us in signing and sending this letter to advocate for the addition of liver cancer to screening information. 

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