An Applied Design Workshop to Change The Current State of Liver Cancer

Liver cancer is the second leading cause of cancer-related deaths in the world. Yet it is often over-looked and the stigma of the disease remains a barrier to effective screening and research funding.

GLI surveyed stakeholders from the patient, medical, scientific and advocacy communities to understand their needs and the issues associated with liver cancer. 

We then brought a diverse collection of stakeholders together for a workshop, where we identified new approaches, programs and initiatives that may one-day help reduce the incidence of liver disease and improve the patient experience. 

GLI has partnered with Luminary Labs, an award-winning firm specializing in applied design thinking and organizational transformation. The goal was to convene patients, caregivers, advocates, researchers, and clinicians for a Reimagine Liver Cancer Blue Sky Day (May 20, 2015). The series of design thinking exercises stimulated new solutions that will help to address unmet needs and programmatic priorities.

Process Outline:

  • Research & Inspiration – The project commenced with a discovery phase, which involved:
    • Researching the current state of liver cancer advocacy and policy.
    • Conducting a series of stakeholder interviews.
    • Carrying out a survey distributed to CanLiv’s email database of 500+ supporters.
    • Exploring adjacent movements to identify strategies and learnings that would inspire GLI.
  • The Blue Sky Day – Informed by the research, Blue Sky Day attendees were led through a series of design and innovation exercises to inspire creative solutions that will impact the future of liver cancer.
  • Synthesis – Insights were gathered from the day and distilled into actionable recommendations designed to inform GLI’s future strategy and planning.