We are the catalyst and convener for innovation to defeat liver disease.


Founded in 2014 by liver transplant recipient, Donna R. Cryer, JD and internationally-renowned hepatologist, Hillel Tobias, MD, PhD, the Global Liver Institute is taking a new approach to advocacy to tackle the complex problem of liver disease.

We serve as an organizational hub, bringing together both traditional advocacy groups as well as stakeholders previously not invested in liver disease, to form high-level collaborative partnerships.  

We then apply lean start-up and design thinking principles to rapidly identify, iterate and develop solutions that can be widely disseminated to reach patients, clinicians or other stakeholder groups.

Some examples of our programs include:

  • Reimagine Liver CancerBy bringing together a diverse mix of traditional advocacy organizations, renowned medical experts and liver cancer patients, we identified new services and platforms that may improve the treatment of liver cancer.

  • Creative Collaborative: We work with the creative community to transform the culture surrounding liver health, liver diseases, and liver patients.

  • Hepatitis C – Cure Campaign: We work with multi-stakeholder groups dedicated to increasing access to a cure for people living with Hepatitis C.

Our Formula

Our formula is simple:

We believe that collaboration plus innovation, multiplied by effective advocacy results in approaches that will transform liver disease advocacy efforts.

To make our simple formula a reality, we focus on three core areas:


Expanding Stakeholders:

We can accomplish more by bringing together a diverse group of stakeholders who provide fresh perspectives, knowledge, and experience. We form partnerships with organizations from both inside and outside of the liver disease community – including HIV, oncology and diabetes advocacy groups – as well as from technology, entertainment, and faith-based communities.


Changing Culture:

By raising awareness and understanding we can create an environment where good ideas grow and succeed. We reach people where they naturally gather to increase their knowledge of the liver and reduce the stigma associated with liver disease. 


Creating and Reforming Systems:

We identify opportunities and solve problems by leveraging emerging technology platforms and by using novel ideation and innovation methods to accelerate the development of new patient-centered services and approaches.

Based in Washington, D.C., the Global Liver Institute is a not-for-profit 501 (c) 3 organization.