Advocacy Organization Landscape Assessment:
Liver Cancer Resources

May 2019

August 2017

Liver cancer is the second most deadly cancer in the world, accounting for 788,000 deaths in 2015. It is also the only cancer to have increasing incidence and mortality rates. The risk factors for liver cancer, which include hepatitis B and C, obesity, and diabetes, are increasingly prevalent, and account in part for the rise in liver cancer diagnoses and deaths. The aim of this report is to examine the landscape of liver cancer resources available to both patients and healthcare professionals and scientists.



Liver cancer is on the rise despite increasing number of treatments, experts call for liver disease patients to get screened for cancer every 6 months.

Reimagine Liver CancerBlue Sky Day

In 2015, this human-centered design workshop brought together diverse perspectives including patients, caregivers, researchers, and clinicians to understand and shape the future of liver cancer as GLI looked to define its policy and programming agenda.


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We can raise awareness and change perceptions of liver disease through education and engagement. See a list of partners who have helped us make a difference.