Transform the culture

By raising awareness and understanding, we can create an environment where liver health is a common topic in popular media, dinner conversations, and policy debates. 


Advance policy

We are training a force of advocates to join our mission to put liver health in its proper place on the global public health agenda, commensurate with its prevalence and impact.


Improve liver health & patient outcomes

We can change how healthcare is delivered by bringing together a diverse group of stakeholders who provide fresh perspectives, knowledge, and experience.


International NASH Day

Join us to raise awareness about non-alcoholic steatohepatitis, or NASH, among various populations: general public, patients at risk, medical community, public health authorities, the media and much more.

Now Recruiting


GLI’s Advanced Advocacy Academy is now accepting applications to our 2019 program.

Together, we can collaborate as a force that ensures that liver disease has its proper place on the global public health agenda.

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